We need a "check list," to communicate to our politicians (our policy makers), that these are issues whereby we must reform and find a way to implement meaningful and effective policies.  

  1. Implement vote by mail in every state
  2. Fix our education systems (more State/Federal sponsored Montessori schools!)
  3. Get rid of the electoral college system
  4. No privatized prisons - prison should not be for profit
  5. Prison reform (education)
  6. Get rid of lobbying and replace it with Democracy dollars
  7. Do not sell arms to other countries. Period. We have no business arming other countries
  8. Guns, and more guns.  We need big reforms if we're going to have guns in this culture, i.e., finger print safety features, or a simple code.  Force insurance policies, just like driving: you own a gun, you better have damn good insurance...just in case.  There is so much we can do to make people accountable and to reduce gun access
  9. Utility companies including water, electricity and gas should not be privitized
  10. Healthcare for all - single payer.  Take the profit out of healthcare
  11. Smart long-term economics (more on this later)
  12. Last, but certainly not least.  We need to not do business with the Saudis.  What they've done to Yemen is horrific.  Trump wants to label mainstream media as evil, well he's in bed with what is truly evil.  His rhetoric is bs


Thursday, November 22, 2018